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Victor bio

Victor is an award- winning artist who holds an MFA from Pratt Institute. His drawings and paintings have appeared in the promotion of the top clients of the corporate, publishing ,and entertainment worlds, such as; Sony, Seagram’s, American Express, General Foods, Playboy, NBC, Time Warner, Paramount, United Artists, MGM, Lucas Films, Disney, and Universal, to name a few.

On a recent holiday to Saint Barths he was inspired when he saw beautiful, simple bracelets and necklaces made from leather cord and Tahitian pearls. On returning to his studio he sketched designs, purchased a pearl drill, researched pearl suppliers, and Pearl Dust Designs was born.

Pearls are an organic gem and the oldest gem known to man. According to ancient legend, they were thought to be the tears of the gods. They are considered to offer the power of love, wealth, protection and luck.

Victor’s designs add a sexy edge to the St Barths’ look making them wearable from day to night and city to beach. Each piece is hand made so each is unique. They are the perfect cool accessory for a woman or man’s wardrobe, rustic yet at the same time luxurious.

Pearl Dust Designs - 417 East 90th Street - Suite 3D - NY, NY 10128